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Las Bebidas Que Te Hacen Engordar

Some people can not start their day without a cup of coffee, for others there is no better pleasure teatime. Wine lovers will sure to enjoy a glass every night for dinner. Sugary drinks are very difficult to avoid because they are everywhere. However, all these drinks have their pros and cons. A new study has revealed that they have a significant impact on what we eat daily.

The study conducted during 2003 and 2012 resulted in the consumption of these drinks also means extra calories daily consumption. Read on and find out more about this research and the effects these drinks can cause your weight. 

caloric beverages fattening

Researchers at the University of Illinois conducted this study in which more than 22,000 people divided by their favorite drink participated. Drinks were: coffee, alcohol, tea, light sugary drinks and sugary drinks. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between total calories consumed and the consumption of certain beverages.


Tea drinkers are those who ingest less food per day. Its caloric increase is not very high. Tea is considered to be a healthy drink, whether it is black or tea in all its varieties. So it is not surprising that tea drinkers are the least increase your caloric intake.
fattening drinks



Sweetened beverages

Not surprisingly, those who love sugary drinks are almost the top of the list of calorie intake. On the one hand, by the sugar these drinks and also by poor eating habits that are related. Most participants in this study were consumers of this type of drink than tea or coffee. Thus not surprising that obesity is the biggest problem in America. Most of these consumers calories come from the processed food. 
drinks make you fat


Light sugary drinks

The researchers observed an increase of 69 calories a day between consumers of wine. But the most curious thing about this study is that it showed that light drinkers consume extra food beverages as an award for having used one light product. Dissatisfaction to consume this drink also causes snacks consumed not feeling completely satisfied. 



Coffee drinkers are one of the least healthy of the study groups. It has been shown that consumption of this drink is related to the direct consumption of fast food and bakery products. Coffee as well as tea, has great benefits, but is harmful if consumed in excess. The study also revealed that those who consumed coffee and sugary drinks are the worst eating habits. 

sugary drinks



Finally at the top of the list of alcoholic drinks consumers are. This group are those who ingest more calories a day just for the drinks themselves as eating habits. This effect occurs due to the appetizer. It has been shown that alcohol increases the appetite. The reasons are not entirely clear but some professionals suggest that the lack of restraint and disinhibition may make some people eat more. Remember that alcohol in moderation can be beneficial, but if you're trying to lose weight need to control everything and drink everything you consume.
drinks make you fat



The results of this extensive research are remarkable but it is important to remember that the study does not prove what type of drink you should or should not drink, but the effects the drinks have on our caloric intake. We hope this information is helpful to determine which is best suited to your diet. 


Source: Rick S.

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