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5 Trucos DIY Para Organizar Los Cables De Tu Ordenador

El Redactor: Ysabel T. L.
For all of their utility, personal computers have a tendency to be a magnet for clutter, and this is particularly true of the many cables and cords that connect all of the peripheral equipment to the computer, which tend to bind around each other, creating unspeakable tentacled horrors that are a pain to untangle. 
Maybe, someday in the future, all of our devices will connect to our computer via a wireless system, but today is not that day, and for the time being, we are here to help you declutter the mess of cables as much as possible.
1. Utilize used toilet paper or paper towel rolls to organize spare cables
Over the years, we tend to accumulate quite a lot of spare cords and cables that might come in handy at some point in the future. Most of us keep those in a box or drawer which quickly turns into a huge Gordian knot, and, well, good luck finding the cable you need this way! In order to avoid these tangles, roll the cables into a manageable size and stick them inside used toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Easy, elegant and cheap.
2. Label the different cords using bread clips
Cable organizing: bread clip labelsSource: Brian Croxall
Every now and then you might need to disconnect one of your devices, which raises another conundrum: which cable belongs to which device? In order to keep an easy track of your different cables, write down the name of the device on a bread clip and attach the clip to the cord. You’ll never confuse your cables again.
3. Use binder clips to keep cables from falling to the floor
Cable organizing: binder clip holdersSource: Boing Boing
Cables also have a tendency to fall to the floor if disconnected or if they’re just too long. To keep this from happening, get a couple of binder clips and attach them to the edge of your table. Put the thinner end of the cable through the clip’s metal loop and pull the rest of the cord through. This will keep the cable from falling.
4. Use a PVC pipe to keep all cables in one place
Cable organizing: pvc pipeSource: Imgur
One of my biggest pet peeves about the mess of cables is just how ugly and disorganized it looks. One way to tidy it all up is by organizing all of the cables going out of the computer inside a single PVC pipe. Simply cut a lengthwise canal into one end of the pipe, connect the pipe to your desk or wall using screws, and feed all of your cables into the pipe through the gap that you cut.
5. Or tie your cables together using a zip tie
Cable organizing: zip tiesSource: DaveHax
A simpler way of achieving the same thing without drilling holes into your desk or wall is to tie your cables together using zip ties. Lay out your cables in a row and bind them in a loose ring. Using additional zip ties, separate the different cables. Pull the zip ties tight and cut off the excess. Repeat throughout the length of the cables to keep them tidy.
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