Quiz: 13 Preguntas Sobre Nuestro Mundo

Our planet is a huge, incredible place. It is old beyond thought, rich in life more than anywhere else we can see in the universe. It's alive, burning inside, moving all the time, changing and progressing through the void of space. There's so much to know about our world, its countries, mountains, seas and other wonders. This fun quiz is here to check up on your knowledge about our planet in 13 interesting questions that you either answer correctly or learn from!
Which of these is the Tallest mountain in Africa?
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Elbrus
Mount Fuji
Mount Kenya
Which of these is the Tallest mountain in Europe?
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Elbrus
Mont Blanc
Mount Kazbek
What is the length of the Earth's equator?
24,900 miles (40,000 km)
20,500 miles (33,000 km)
44,000 miles (70,000 km)
12,000 miles (20,000 km)
Which country is the hottest in the world?
What is the name of the mountains located between France and Spain?
The Pyrenees
Mount Etna
The Alps
Mount Everest
Which country is the largest in Africa by land area?
Which of these is the world's largest sea?
The Mediterranean
The Black Sea
The Caspian Sea
The Philippine Sea
Which of these is the largest canyon?
The Grand Canyon
Fish River Canyon
Colca Canyon
Capertee Valley
Which country has the most islands?
Planet Earth is mostly made of these three elements:
Iron, Nitrogen, Carbon
Iron, Nitrogen, Oxygen
Iron, Silicon, Oxygen
Magnesium, Nitrogen, Carbon
The Earth's atmosphere extends this far into space from the ground...
10 km (6 miles)
100 km (60 miles)
1000 km (600 miles)
10,000 km (6000 miles)
What is the lowest spot on land in the world?
The Dead Sea, Israel
The Grand Canyon Floor, Arizona
The Fens, United Kingdom
Death Valley, California
What is the name of the super continent Earth once had?
You Need to Leave Home More!
There's a big planet out there, and it's much more than just human culture and sites - it also has the most incredible nature, the most wonderful geography and a lot to learn about the place we all call home. Have a look at your mistakes below and see if you've learned anything new that interests you.
You Know This World, But There's Room For Improvement
You have a good grasp on world geography and the nature of our planet. You don't exactly know it all but you have a good idea and that's more than most people can say about their own knowledge bases.
You Know This Planet Well!
You obviously have quite a bit of love for the natural world and for this planet we all call home. Way to go! We love seeing people with this much intellectual curiosity and knowledge!
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